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Bike Axles

Keep your wheels securely held in place with bike axles, fittings and accessories of all kinds. We stock replacement axles that can be used to make repairs, or to upgrade your bike and improve its performance.

The type of bike you ride will determine the kind of axle you need. Our range of hollow and solid axles should contain an appropriate product for your purposes. We also supply axle adaptors and wheel spares, so you can take on any conversion project.

Brands like CYCLO, Sram and Zipp are represented on our site. Make sure to select axles that support the kind of brake setup your bike offers; there are specialised axles that are compatible with disc brakes rather than rim brake systems, for example. Also consider the size of the axle, which needs to be able to accommodate the wheel and fixtures with ease.

While you are here, why not pick up some track nuts, or top off your axle assembly with end cap sets? We have a huge line up of cycling components on our site and you can get in touch with our team if you need advice about any of our products.