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Bike Bearings

Bikes need bearings to keep their wheels spinning and their pedals turning. If your bike starts seizing up, a bad bearing could be to blame, in which case our replacement bike bearings will come to the rescue.

To cover all your bases, we can supply full bike bearing kits, as well as individual or paired sealed bearings. We have wheel bearings that are suited to front or rear hubs, as well as headset bearings and other specialised parts that serve a particular purpose within a given component.

Choose the size of bearing you need and also check out the different bearing brands we stock, ranging from Sram and Vittoria to Zipp and Campagnolo.

Road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids and cross country cycles all rely on bearings to remain fully functional. Why not buy spare bearings to put to one side so that when your bike does get struck down in some way, you can easily swap out the damaged part without having to wait for a replacement to arrive?

Contact our experts if you have any questions about the bike bearings we stock or if you are looking for a particular component that you cannot find on our site.