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Bike Brake Adaptors

With a healthy variety of bike brake adaptors to choose from, our site is one of the best places to find useful components to help convert and adjust your brake system as you see fit. Reputable brands and widely compatible components are available right here, so take a look and get in touch if you have any questions.

You can order full brake adapter kits produced by Ashima, allowing you to increase the size of calliper you use in your disc brake setup. If you have a different preferred brand, such as Avid or Shimano, we have well made products from these popular manufacturers as well.

For the sake of convenience, you can filter our bike brake adaptors according to size, starting at 140mm and topping out at over 200mm. Take the time to consider the specific features and compatibility of each adaptor, as there are lots of variations.

Buy mounting bolts and spacer sets to tackle particular adaption tasks, with high quality parts available across the range. We also stock full bike brake systems, so if you want to upgrade your entire assembly rather than merely tweaking it, this is a valid option when you shop with Bikeparts.co.uk.

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