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Bike Brake Levers

Squeeze your bike brake levers and you should expect an instant response, letting you stay in control whether you are careening downhill on a mountain trail or zipping along a public road to get to work in the morning. These levers need to be able to survive for long periods of high pressure usage, but wear and tear is inevitable. With our replacement bike brake levers from big brands, you can fix faults and even upgrade your road or mountain bike.

The brake levers on our site are chosen from the top manufacturers around, including Shimano and Sram. As you might expect, you can either opt for spares which replace the right or left hand lever, or get a complete set that encompasses all the parts you will need to swap in an entirely new braking assembly.

There are significant differences in the design and performance potential of brake sets for specific bike types. That means you should not confuse our mountain and hybrid bike brake levers with road bike levers, and vice versa. There is the ideal product on our site for every bike owner, and since your search for brake levers can be narrowed with ease,  finding what you are looking for is a doddle.