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Bike Brake Pads

Squeeze the brake lever on your bike and the part which bears the brunt of the punishment is the pad. Whether you have advanced disc brakes or traditional calliper brakes, the need for replacement pads will be the same. Thankfully we have everything to keep you stocked up with spare bike components, brake pads and all.

To get started you may want to filter your search for bike brake pads according to your brand of choice. Shimano, Campagnolo andVandorm are just three of the manufacturers we stock. Choosing a branded product makes sense from the point of view of quality, as well as compatibility.

Delve into our spare disc brake pads or look up replacement rim brake pads according to the make and model of the system your bike uses. The materials used can vary and there are various performance perks to keep in mind, from pad durability to reliability in certain weather conditions.

Please feel free to get in touch with the Bikeparts.co.uk team if you have any questions about our brake pads. We can help you make a selection, provide extra information on the products we stock and give general advice on how to repair and maintain your bike over time.

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