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Bike Brakes

Stay in complete control of your bike’s speed at all times with a set of quality brakes. We stock most major makes and models of bike brakes, including high end hydraulic disc brakes and cost-effective mechanical rim brakes.

If you have a preferred bike brake brand, you can find products from Avid, Shimano, Sram and others on our site. If you just need a front or rear brake assembly, these can be found individually, or you can invest in an entire set for both wheels to give you consistent power and precision.

When browsing bike brakes, it is best to look for products that are suited to the style of bike you own. Mountain bike brakes need to overcome different challenges to road bike brakes, for example. The perils of a downhill race are very different to the kinds of riding experiences that will be had out on the tarmac.

Mechanical disc brakes for bikes offer a natural upgrade path, providing greater stopping power than rim brakes but at a more cost effective price point than their hydraulically operated counterparts. The size of the disc also has an impact on performance, so read specs closely to make the right choice.

Shimano BR-R2000 Claris dual-pivot brake calliper, 49 mm drop - rear

Shimano BR-R2000 Claris dual-pivot brake calliper, 49 mm drop - rear


Claris brake calliper provides light action and accurate brake power Shimano New Super SLR system Adjustable toe-in brake shoes Durable quick rele...

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