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Cycling Caps

Cycling caps are covered by your helmet, so what purpose do they serve? The simple answer is that they are an excellent option for keeping warmth in and wet weather out. Plus when you arrive at your destination, they are a stylish piece of clothing to keep wearing after your helmet has been removed. If you want to show people that you are serious about cycling, having a cap that represents your passion is sensible.

Our high quality cycling caps are available in lots of different colours, with mainstream brands including Santiniand Alturafound right here. A well made cap will stop heat escaping from your head, while also protecting your scalp in other ways. It will stop the lining of your helmet from rubbing and leaving your head in discomfort during long periods of use.

Most of the cycling caps that are available on the market today will be of a one-size-fits-all design. This gives you free reign to pick and choose from the different styles, safe in the knowledge that the cap you select will sit snugly on your head. No cycling clothing setup is complete without a cap to...cap it off!

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