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Bike Chainrings

When you pump the pedals, your bike chainring will spin up and transfer the motion through the chain itself and onto the cassette on the back wheel, propelling you forwards whether you are a road racer or a mountain trail blazer. Having a high quality, well maintained chainring is therefore essential if you want to be able to use your bike as intended.

With our wide ranging line up of bike chainrings, you can do just that, replacing worn out parts and even upgrading from a less impactful component as you see fit. Browse through our mountain bike and hybrid chainrings, or choose from our road bike-appropriate products to find what you need.

Brands like Truativ and Shimano are represented in this bike component category, and you can even sort through the chainrings according to colour.

Remember to consider the front and rear speed you require, as different chainrings will provide different levels of gear ratios and performance potential. Single, double and even triple chainring configurations are available upfront. For more information, send us an email and we will do our best to clear up any questions you have about bike chainrings and the host of other parts we stock.

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