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Bike Computers

Track your performance, trace your route, plot your future journeys and achieve almost anything in the saddle with our cycling computer range. From affordable units with simple features to high tech hardware that has a whole suite of functions to harness, you can find plenty of variety right here.

Bike computers can be fairly specialised in their purpose, which is certainly the case with the heart rate belts we stock. You can monitor your pulse more accurately over the course of a ride, then upload the data via Bluetooth to record how your fitness levels are improving over time.

Full computer units offer a wider selection of capabilities, letting you accurately measure the speed you are riding at, the distance you have travelled and the time, amongst other metrics. With brands such as Knogand Cateyeavailable, you know you are in good hands.

If you are already the proud owner of a bike computer but it is playing up, you can find replacement computer batteries which are compatible with lots of popular units on our site. We even have softwaredesigned for use with bike computers that will allow you to analyse the data you capture in-depth on your PC or smartphone. The options are extensive and you can make your cycling adventures more rewarding as a result.

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