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Bike Forks & Suspension

Bike forks affect a lot of things, from the handling and performance potential to the comfort and ride quality. From rigid forks for road racing to forks with integrated shocks for soaking up impacts on mountain trails, you can find a host of high quality products on our site.

As well as stocking full fork assemblies, we provide upgrade kits that can overhaul existing components, decals that will help with decoration and suspension fluids that will help with general repairs and maintenance.

Major bike fork and suspension brands can be found right here, including the likes of Rock Shox and Sram. If you are looking for a particular part, it should be simple to find.

We cater to riders with different requirements, offering forks and suspension systems that will let you cruise city streets, dominate downhill runs, blast through forest tracks and speed down country lanes. Upgrading your bike fork often makes more sense than buying an entirely new bike, since you will get the improvements you crave without having to spend nearly as much cash. Browse our full fork range, choose the upgrade path you want to take and order today to receive your parts promptly.