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Gear Levers & Shifters

Shift gears on your bike smoothly, consistently and accurately with our wide range of branded components that can be used to replace outdated or faulty originals. You can find bike gear levers and shifters for mountain and road bikes right here, so finding the perfect part is easy, whatever kind of ride you prefer.

Get your hands on levers and shifters from Sram and other leading manufacturers, with all front and rear speed setups accommodated.

The main difference between levers and shifters is the way they are activated. With a bike gear lever, you flick this component up or down to make shifts. With a shifter, you can twist the grip on your handlebar to change gears on the fly. Most assemblies will come with an integrated means of displaying which gear you are in at any given time. Some shifters come built into brake levers for added convenience and lower weight on road bikes.

Your own preferences will come into play when determining which bike gear levers and shifters to choose. If you are looking for a replacement part, keep in mind the range that your gear setup falls into so that you can pinpoint the right component. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or want some advice.

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