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Bike Gloves

From fancy fingerless gloves in bright colours to practical black gloves made from space-age materials, our line up of cycling gloves is second to none. We offer gloves to fit hands large and small, with major brands like Shimanoand Alpinestarsto be found on our site.

In a cycling context, gloves can offer a number of benefits. Thermal gloves can provide much needed insulation for your delicate fingers on winter rides, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable for longer. Fingerless cycling gloves let you get a bit more grip, so even if sweat builds up on your palms, it will not compromise your ability to stay in control.

We sell cycling gloves for men, womenand children, so whether you are buying just for yourself of kitting out an entire family of riders, you will be able to find what you need right here.

Be sure to check the specs of the gloves you consider, as different materials and add-ons are used by different manufacturers. Waterproofing, windproofing, extra padding, increased durability and a number of other perks are variously available. Gloves are the perfect way to top off your cycling clothing collection, whether you are a hardcore pedal pusher or a casual weekend wanderer.

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