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Cycling Hi-Viz Safety

Cycling can be a dangerous pastime, particularly if you are intending to take to public roads where other vehicles will be a constant hazard. With hi-viz safety clothing, your chances of being involved in a collision will be considerably reduced. Whether you are cycling in broad daylight or after dark, with our hi-viz products you will be much harder to ignore.

For an effective bike safety option which is also incredibly convenient to wear over other cycling clothing, reflective belts are a good choice. You can also add more reflectorsto your bike to pinpoint the edges of the frame, wheels and other components when headlight beams hit them. Our reflective straps are also a useful purchase, providing you with yet more ways to signal your presence to motorists.

Complete your hi-viz wardrobe with a cycling safety vest. Some are designed as an outer layer, while others are streamlined and offer excellent reflectiveness while not compromising on aerodynamics. Brands like Alturaand Cateyeare found in our cycling hi-viz safety category, so your options are extensive and the quality of the products is excellent. Take risk out of the equation when you go for a ride with safe, stylish clothing.

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