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Neck Supports

Make a mistake while riding off-road and you could end up with some serious injuries, even if you are wearing a helmet and body protection. To improve safety when tackling mountain trails, it is a good idea to invest in cycling neck supports.

A neck support supplies an extra level of protection so that if you do fall off and suffer an impact to your head, you will be less likely to incur injuries caused by compression of your spine.

We stock cycling neck supports from prominent brands for riders of all ages and body shapes. From simple neck collars to full assemblies that sit on your shoulders and spread the force of an impact as widely as possible, there are a lot of different options to choose between.

If you are looking for other products to provide protection, we have a full line up of impressive cycling safety equipment. It is never a good idea to assume that your experience alone will be enough to prevent an accident, so avoiding the worst effects of unforeseen circumstances by getting the correct gear for the job is essential. Ask our team for advice if you are unsure about which products to buy.

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