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Bike Puncture Kits

Cyclists know that punctures are a way of life, so being prepared to deal with them is essential. With our line up of bike puncture kits, you can patch up your tyre and be on your way, rather than having to walk your bike home or call someone for assistance.

As well as stocking full bike puncture repair kits which come with all the elements you need to fix a variety of tyre troubles, we also provide simple patches which can be a great addition to an existing kit when you need a top-up.

Repairing a bike’s tyre can be tricky if you do not have the right tools. Thankfully with our tyre levers, it should be simple to pop off the tyre to get at the inner tube, then replace it when the repairs have been carried out. You will need a little practice to get the hang of this, but learning how to maintain your bike with the right components is always sensible.

Brands such as WELDTITE and Tacx are found in our bike puncture kits section, so you can browse for products from your manufacturer of choice or peruse at your leisure until you find the part you need.