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Bike Rear Derailleurs

Like our front derailleurs, you can also find a laundry list of high quality bike rear derailleurs on our site which will help you repair or upgrade your gear setup and make it work with you, rather than being something you have to battle against on a ride.

Also known as mechs, you can find complete rear derailleur assemblies, or order the distinct bolt sets and cages you require.  Brands ranging from Campagnolo to Tacx and beyond are available in this category, so if you have a particular make and model of derailleur you want to replace then this should be simple to achieve.

Different sizes, speeds and disciplines of bike rear derailleur are on offer, with both mountain and road bike-oriented products to pick. For mountain bikes, the construction of the derailleur will be tougher so that it can survive the punishing conditions it will face off the beaten path. For road bikes, smooth shifting and light weight construction are at the top of the agenda.

Get help from our experts by contacting online and you can find out all there is to know about rear derailleurs and pinpoint the right component for your bike.