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Bike Seatclamps

While the purpose they serve is straightforward, bike seatclamps are still an essential part of the frame assembly. If you want to stop your seatpost from sliding out or sitting at the wrong height, you need a high quality seatclamp. With our affordable products, you can replace a worn out part with a brand new steatclamp that will work even more effectively.

You can buy bike seatclamps from big brands like ABUS, M Part and PITLOCK on our site. There are lots of different colours to sort through and materials used, so you can match the clamp to your tastes and budget.

It makes sense to pay attention to the type of mechanism that keeps the seatclamp in place, since this will determine how easy it is to make adjustments and tighten it before a long ride. Basic bike seatclamps will be bolted in place, meaning a separate tool is needed to alter the tension of the fitting. More advanced seatclamps will have mechanisms that can be released and reapplied quickly for ease of use and added convenience.

If you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of seatclamp selection, help is at hand. Contact our experts and get help when choosing any cycling components on our site.