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Bike Seatposts

Full bike seatpost assemblies as well as high quality spare parts for compatible components can be found right here. We sell bike seatposts from brands including ETC, M Part and Zipp, with sizes ranging from 25.4mm to 34.9mm.

But why would you need a new seatpost for your bike in the first place? If it suffers damage, having a replacement available is sensible. If you want to swap out the original seatpost for one which is lighter, more adjustable or better suited to your riding style, this could be another good reason to search our site.

Choose between bike seatposts of different colours so that this component matches or contrasts with your bike frame. Take a look at our seatpost adapters if you want to add accessories securely. Snap up spares to maintain and repair your seatpost when problems arise. Whatever your seatposts needs, our site is the perfect place to fulfil them.

Like other parts of a bike’s frame, the seastpost can be constructed from different materials which impact its performance and price. Sturdy and cost effective steel or alloy seatposts sit alongside cutting edge carbon fibre seatposts, so we can cater to cycling enthusiasts at every stage of their upgrade obsession.