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Shimano RD-6800 cable adjusting bolt unit

£4.99 £6.99

Shimano FC-7800 clamp bolt


Shimano FC-6800 crank arm fixing bolt


Shimano RD-5700 Jockey Wheels - Y5XH98120

£9.79 £10.99

Shimano RD-6800 inner plate, GS type

Sold Out £8.99

Shimano FC-M582 crank arm fixing bolt

Sold Out

Shimano FC-5600 security plate

Sold Out

Shimano RD-M6000 jockey wheel set - Y3E498020

£7.18 £9.99

Shimano RD6800 Jockey Wheel set

Sold Out £20.99

Shimano FC-M580 security plate


Shimano RD-R8000 bracket axle unit

Sold Out £13.99

Shimano FD-6800 skid plate


Shimano RD7900 / 7970 Dura-Ace Jockey Wheels

Sold Out £40.99

Shimano RD-M8000 inner plate, SGS type

£7.95 £8.99

Shimano RD-5800 cable adjusting bolt unit

£3.95 £3.99

Shimano FC-T661 crank arm fixing bolt

Sold Out £3.99

Shimano FC-3550 50T chain guard and fixing bolts

£10.89 £10.99

Shimano FC-T661 clamp bolt, M6 x 19 mm

Sold Out £3.99

Shimano RD-4700 tension and guide pulley set

Sold Out £10.99

Shimano RD-M8000 outer plate assembly, SGS-type

£11.89 £14.99

Shimano RD-M9000 stabilizer unit

Sold Out £13.99

Shimano FC-M430-8 chain guard and fixing screws

Sold Out £9.99

Shimano RDM430 Jockey Wheel Set

Sold Out £7.99

Shimano SM-CD50 Upper guide unit

£7.89 £7.99

Shimano RD-M781 bracket axle unit for normal type

Sold Out £17.99

Shimano RD-M8000 guide and tension pulley unit

£16.46 £16.99

Shimano RD-6700 guide and tension pulley set

Sold Out £16.99

Shimano FD-R9100 link cover