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Bike Valve Caps

Making the valves on your bike wheels look cool is easy with our range of stylish valve caps. If you are more interested in replacing a missing cap for purely practical purposes, we also have cost-effective, compatible products in this category to suit your needs.

Eye-catching bike valve caps from brands like Savage and WELDTITE are a great option for any cyclist who has an urge to express themselves and turn heads when out and about. There are lots of different colours and designs available, so whatever aesthetic impact you are hoping to achieve, you should be able to get your fill of fabulous valve caps right here at

Standard plastic valve caps which are not going to grab anyone’s attention but will nevertheless offer solid performance are also a good investment, especially if you are more eager to ride your bike than leave it in one place and have passersby gaze longingly at it.

Valve caps keep the valve free from dirt and also limit air leakage from the tube, so having some spare caps on hand is always a sensible shout.

Ask our experts if you need advice on bike valve caps or have any questions about the other cycling products we sell.