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Bike Wheel Decals

An excellent addition to any carbon-rimmed road bike wheel, our aesthetically pleasing line up of bike wheel decals will be sure to leave other riders impressed.

Global brands like Zipp, Sram and Vittoria make many of the bike wheel decals we stock, so if you have an affinity for a particular manufacturer or you want to replace a worn decal with a fresh, matching equivalent you can take your pick on our site.

A bounty of different decal designs are available, with every conceivable colour combination on offer. Some come in sets designed for a single wheel, while others include enough coverage for a pair of wheels. Be sure to check the description of what is included with each set carefully to make sure you are opting for the correct combination to suit your cycle.

Another important consideration when choosing bike wheel decals is the type of braking system that they are designed to accommodate. This is another factor that will be listed on the product page, along with the size of wheel which is supported.

Should you need a little assistance when seeking out bike wheel decals, remember that you can always contact us and we will talk you through our products to eliminate uncertainties.