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Bike Wheels

Why settle for second class bike wheels when you can take your pick of the best that the industry has to offer right here at Our range includes wheels for mountain bikes, road bikes and BMXs, so no matter your preference you can choose high quality, branded wheels that are ideal for upgrading or replacing your existing set.

Choose from disc brake and rim brake-optimised wheels, or narrow down your search to include manufacturers like Campagnolo, Sram, Vittoria and Zipp. You can either by individual wheels for the front or rear, or get a set that includes both for a complete replacement job.

Filter bike wheels according to colour, size or whatever other variable you have in mind. We stock wheels made with cutting edge materials like carbon fibre, while also offering traditional alloy wheels which are a more affordable option for everyday riding.

You can even find wheel spacers, along with a wealth of other great wheel and tyre parts. With all the wear and tear that wheels have to put up with, being able to replace or upgrade them affordably is important. For more information, or to ask a question, get in touch and we will endeavour to offer swift support.