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Bike Workstands

Without a well made workstand, it can be pain to repair and maintain your bike at home or in a professional workshop environment. You can make your life much easier by investing in one of the high quality bike workstands we stock.

Bike workstands can come into play in various cycle maintenance scenarios. Whether you are installing a new chain, replacing a wheel or fixing an issue with the brakes, a workstand will keep the bike upright and in a fixed position. This gives you a stable platform to work around, rather than leaving you to rely on precariously balancing your bike against a wall or putting it on some other surface.

Some bike workstands sit on the floor, while others can be installed directly to a wall using bolts, so you can take whichever approach makes sense for the space you have available. These stands are generally quite compact and so should not take up much room, which is good news given that you may not be using them regularly enough to want to keep them permanently in one place.

Get in touch with us if you want to find out more about bike workstands and other parts. You can call 0800 49 69 777 for a chat about any issue.

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