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Knog POP r 2 LED Rear Light - Blue

Knog POP r 2 LED Rear Light - Blue

What’s loved by some, might not be so loved by others. So instead of compromising, Knog have made 10x designs for three lights, some are mild, some are wild, but the striking form does not outshine the excellent function. Super bright, AA battery-powered, long runtimes, replaceable straps, and side illumination. So whoever you are, find your POP!

The POP R Rear Light is a quirky 5 lumen light, with 5 brilliant flash modes. Also with a new strap unlike anything else in the Knog range, with a chunky silicone, wrap-around, easy on and off style, perfect for commuting!

Key Features:

7 hrs (steady) and 200 hrs (eco flash) light time

1x Super-bright SMT LED

Side illumination Giving riders 180° visibility

Button push technology to prevent accidental activation and simple navigation through modes

Tool-less attachment for handlebars and frames of 22-32mm diameter

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