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Cycling Cleats

The role of cycling cleats is to keep your feet firmly in contact with your bike’s pedals and preventing any unwanted slips during an intense ride. Cleats will attach to your cycling shoes and then snap into place on compatible pedals. This kind of component is what separates serious cyclists from casual riders, so check out our range of cycling cleats and ask for help if you need it.

Our selection of cleats includes products made by brands such as Look, which is an indicator of the high levels of quality you can expect to encounter here at

As well as stocking cleats, we also provide spare parts and tools that will help with the installation process. You can even find cleat covers to protect them when they are not in use.

Using cycling cleats can be an intimidating experience for first timers, particularly when you are coming to a stop. If you are worried about not being able to unclip your shoes from the pedals, be sure to pull up next to a solid structure like a wall or fence so that you can lean safely rather than toppling over in a panic.

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