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Bike Pannier Racks

Turn your basic bike into a fully fledge load-lugging machine with our excellent range of pannier racks. With racks for cycles of different sizes and designs, you should be able to expand the available storage with ease. In terms of practicality and retro good looks, there is no better option available.

The line up of bike pannier racks includes products from some well known brands that you may recognise. We stock streamlined racks from Tortecwhich provide a sleek platform for adding the pannier of your choice. Also on offer are Minoura's larger capacity racks, with products aimed at both adult and child-sized bikes.

If you are looking for tools, components and spares for your current pannier rack, we also have your back. With top notch solutions from Blackburn, you can make adjustments and fix issues in a jiffy.

Panniers are a great addition to any bike, allowing you to take more with you when you are on the move. You might be planning a long road trip where snacks and supplies are vital. You might want to carry your work bag with you when you commute on your bike without having to keep it on your back. Whatever your needs, we have the right pannier rack to fit.