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Bike Rear Shocks

Rigid framed bikes are best for use on the road, but as soon as you plan to take a trip away from the tarmac, you might consider using shocks to absorb the bumps you hit and jumps you take while travelling over uneven surfaces. For serious mountain bike riders, having shocks at the front and rear will be essential. Over time, wear and tear can leave rear shocks performing less than optimally. With our affordable replacement rear shocks, you can get back to dominating downhill runs in no time.

We stock full rear mounting kits as well as rear suspension components for bikes. Brands including Rock Shox are available to choose here and you can select from a range of different bike rear shock sizes, depending on what you need.

Both spring-enhanced and fully hydraulic rear shocks are available, along with the individual parts that you can order to repair an existing shock. You can even order the right mounting hardware to install shocks comprehensively.

To get the lowdown on our bike rear shock products or to ask a question, please contact us and let our team talk you through any questions you might have.

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