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A2Z Disc Brake Pads - Hope Mono Trail BP-570


A2Z?ÿBLACK Eco friendly Disc Brake Pads - Hope Mono Trail?ÿCompetition Disc Brake Pads

Special material & compound:?ÿA2Z brake pads are made out of asbestos-free organic material and special compound in order to supply high temperature resistance up to 500 C and minimize the brake fade.
They?ÿalso improve the braking feel and control in all conditions.
Rated as one of the best replacement pads in the marketplace.
You get one set of pads which will do one calliper
These Pads are Suitable for the?ÿHope Mono Trail?ÿDisc brakes
To help reduce the Carbon Footprint these pads are supplied in a bag?ÿwith no wasteful packaging
Spring separators are not included?ÿ
Picture of Actual Product?ÿ



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