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Cycling Bib Shorts

Road-focused cyclists and mountain-dominating pedal devils alike can get a lot out of owning cycling bib shorts. Providing coverage for the parts of your body which are most frequently in contact with the saddle, bib shorts will ease the friction that your sensitive skin suffers and will stop unwanted chafing. You can stay comfortable and unhurt even when cycling long distances thanks to this type of cycling clothing.

Looking a lot like dungarees, but made using cutting edge synthetic materials, cycling bib shorts are available from brands including Alpinestars, Alturaand Santinion our site.

Bib shorts laid out to suit men and women can be chosen, and you can narrow down your search to see only shorts of a specific size or colour.

The over the shoulder straps provide excellent support, preventing the shorts from slipping down while you are taking on particularly intensive sections of the road or the trail. Integrated padding offered by many examples will enhance comfort. The material may even provide compression capabilities, letting your muscles work effectively without putting them under unnecessary strain. As such it is not just your skin that will feel the benefits of using bib shorts for your next ride.

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